Three years of silence..

Writing always opens up my heart. It gives wings to my spirit that is otherwise suppressed. I had a major gap of three years since I last posted. The first post was more out of whims than something I strongly felt I needed to do. I was just experimenting about blogging to be very honest…. Coming back to my time priorities, I was occupied with other things- more pressing- like my work , few major changes in life’s situations, my internal struggles,and last but not the least a lack of clarity in finding my own calling. So to put it in a nice way, this three years of silence worked as an interlude to the voice I always aspired to become!
During this period, I was heavily invested in my life to work out a balance that I am enjoying today. This brings me to the idea of contents for this blog. This blog will be a conversation-place between my reader and myself. A place where we can share ideas and interact about life and our experiments with it’s truth.
Anybody who does’nt have a taste for humdrum affairs of life- can skip this space. For the rest, I invite you to a journey to find self-love and self-worth with me by your side; while stopping by the most profound truths of our existence. Let this journey be a celebration of moments between you and me!
Ending the note with Henry Longfellow-
“…Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act,— act in the living Present!
Heart within, and God o’erhead!”…

Chasing Me…

‘Introduction’ is a pretty queer process. How should I sum myself up?- We often attempt to define ourselves socially, professionally before strangers to dispel the darker shades of unfamiliarity. But whatever we say or do, is it sufficient to catch the unique essence that defines us?!-
No doubt the very word ‘Introduction’ continues to intrigue me. Summing oneself is difficult, isn’t it?-  
Sometimes it feels like we are emotions, all jumbled up. At other times it seems we are best represented by our thoughts and ideas we nestle. Yet again it appears as concrete as our actions and decisions. 
So ‘Introduction’ is like chasing oneself. With  time, nature of chasing gets different. But nevertheless it’s an ever going process..
Hope this serves for the time being, as a preface to my self repertoire.
Lastly to add, it is perhaps this strong impulse that has prompted me to write. I feel a sense of fulfilling connection when I try to explore myself through words which has lasting appeal on minds besides serving as a bridge to other curious minds.